The Mass Planner Instagram automation tool is considered one of the most powerful automation softwares on the market. It works not only for Instagram but also other social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. The software holds incredible power and I am going to show you how to unleash it in this guide. Tag along as I tell you everything you need to know to dominate Instagram with Mass Planner.

What is the Mass Planner Instagram automation tool?

Think social media marketing on steroids. A superficial friend who does all the hard work for you 24/7 while you watch the followers roll in. With Mass Planner, you can explode your social media growth. It automates all of the actions that you would have to spend hours on end on doing daily. Using this tool you can auto-follow niche and GEO targeted users. It also features unfollowing of those who do not follow you back within a certain timeframe. You can gain even more exposure by auto-liking and commenting on high-quality and niche relevant images as well.

If you want to make switch niche with your account, you can also automatically delete all of your previous posts to clean your account. Like any other tool of its size, it comes with proxy support, which I highly recommend you using to keep your accounts completely safe when running Mass Planner. The tool has complete integration with This means that you can automatically phone verify your Instagram profiles without lifting a finger.

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Getting Started with Mass Planner

Now, a tool like Mass Planner has to run on a machine 24/7 to complete its tasks. This can take up a lot of bandwidth and RAM on your PC. For this reason, I highly recommend buying a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to have the software running all day and all night. A VPS is a desktop running 24/7 on a server somewhere in the world that you can connect to using remote desktop access. This also ensures really fast upload/download times so you will not be annoyed by Mass Planner constantly eating up all of your internet speed.
NOTE: With Mass Planner, you need a Windows VPS as the software only runs on this specific operating system.

I have listed the VPS I use myself below. It is provided by 1&1 who is one of the most reputable hosting companies around. It is cheap ($14.99/month for 1GB Ram server with Windows) and very reliable. The SSD makes it a much more smooth experience and the internet speeds are absolutely through the roof. You can also choose which location you want the VPS to be from, which is very nice. This means that you can get a low latency connection if you live in Europe and choose Germany or Spain as location. Same goes for US users who can simply choose their nation. This package will get you the most bang for your buck. 1GB Ram will be enough to run about 10-20 accounts. If you are aiming bigger, I recommend going for a slightly bigger package.

Recommended High Quality SSD VPS

Adding an Instagram Account to Mass Planner

Now, on their official website, they have a lot of Mass Planner video tutorials for various parts of the setup process on their website. I will be linking to their tutorials several times to save you some time by just watching a video.

I have made a very short video over at my Youtube showing you the process.

Now that we have our first Instagram account set, we need to talk about security. When you are running a tool like Mass Planner Instagram Scheduler, you cannot simply have have hundreds of accounts on the same IP address. Instagram will notice and your accounts will get closed down. This is why we need to use proxies. Proxies will give the accounts a different IP address so everything looks more natural to Instagram. This will keep your accounts safe from IP bans.

It is very important to not just use public proxies. You need something fast, stable and reliable. I personally use ActProxy as they are as cheap as it gets. They are recommended for use with Mass Planner and I have had zero issues with them myself. They can be purchased at a cheap rate below. I recommend using the same proxy on no more than 2 Instagram accounts at a time.

Quality Proxies at $0.40/Piece

How To Get High Quality Niche Targeted Followers on Instagram

When doing Mass Planner Instagram automation, there are many different ways of utilizing the ‘Follow’-tool. There are many ways to get the attention of your desired audience, but I am going to show you what I have found to be most effective by far. First of all, we will be messing around with the ‘Sources’ tab to make sure that we are targetting the right people.

Sources Tab

The options here look as the following:

Follow Sources Options

I normally see people who just start using this tool turn to the first option – ‘Follow by keyword’. This is generally alright, but it is not the most optimal and effective way. I would actually say, unless you have a specific reason, forget about all of the options except ‘Follow friends of target account’. In this example, our niche is cars. If we were to use the first option, we would probably use tags such as “cars, driving, bmw, racing”. Obviously, this would follow accounts in the right niche, but by following people who already follow accounts in our niche instead, we will have a way higher follow-back ratio.

What I want you to do now is go searching for popular accounts in your niche that has a lost of followers. As targeted accounts as possible.

Car Instagram

I came across the account @car which has a lot of followers that we can potentially lure over to our account. Add as many accounts into Mass Planner as shown below.

Adding sources to Mass Planner

Mass Planner will now find all of its target users in the list of followers of these two accounts. Right here we have over half a million car interested users. Crazy, right?

The Ultimate Mass Planner Instagram ‘Follow’ Settings

At this point, we are ready to take a look at probably the most important factor in this whole Mass Planner Instagram equation. The settings for the ‘Follow’-tool. This is where you make it or break it. This is where you decide whether you get 20 new followers a day or you get 300 new followers a day.

SocialBlade Stats

Here is perfect example of what I mean. This is one of my personal accounts. The red line seperates where I went from my default settings to the optimal settings I will show you below. As you can see, I am gaining followers almost 10x as fast as before! These settings really are a complete gamechanger when doing Mass Planner Instagram automation.

With the settings above, you will see similar results as I in almost every niche.

Conclusion and final words

Thank you for reading this in-depth tutorial on how to optimize the ‘Follow’ settings in Mass Planner to explode your growth. We learned how to target a specific audience thereby increasing our growth rate tenfold! There are almost unlimited ways to grasp this topic, but I have showed you what has worked for me consistently throughout all the various niches I have targeted. By adjusting a few settings I managed to go from 20-40 daily followers to up to 300! Stay tuned for more Mass Planner content in the near future. Still plenty to learn!

Have a question you are dying to get answered? Write a comment below and I will do my best to answer you!

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