Instagram is no longer the golden piggy so many internet marketers deem it to be. Overnight successes are now a rare occurrence and going against the ToS is just begging to be banned. To grow Instagram accounts manually is also getting really tough these days.

Despite numerous efforts from the side of bot owners in the voyage to game the Instagram API, the multi-billion dollar company behind it all isn’t faltering anytime soon.

The shutting down of MassPlanner and Instagress, a revered duo when it came to automated services on the platform, was the final blow needed to send a strong message to wannabe BlackHatters; The era of bots was no more.

With that being said and keeping in mind the fact that Instagram is constantly evolving thanks to the massive amounts of users trying the same old worn out methods, regular advice just won’t cut it anymore.

Even if you admit defeat and decide to grow an Instagram account with your own hands and limbs, you won’t be able to do that just by following/unfollowing users or liking pictures in hopes that you will get some engagement back.

These days are gone as that sort of behavior immediately puts you on Instagram’s list of suspicious users where the only future that awaits is one of the shadow-bans, minuscule engagement and eventually, permanent bans.

As every Internet Marketer that is serious about his craft must know, as the game evolves so must the player.

Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known ways of growing an Instagram account from zero to hero, all manual, and without any sort of rule breaching.

Maybe just a bit of dancing around the fire, if you are not willing to take a risk, you will never make it big.


1) Free Giveaways

There are two things that will never fade out of popularity and that is the female body and free stuff.

We’ll be concentrating on the latter point as I believe that free giveaways are one of the best ways to collect new, active followers with almost zero effort.

Make sure that your item of choice is something that people would want to own and that the niche you target fits the item description.

For example, you wouldn’t want to send out free dildos to a religiously orientated follower base, would you?

If money is an issue, you can always bring a bit of notoriety into it.

Where there is a will, there is a way;

Simply create 5-10 accounts on different proxies and make them ‘win’ the giveaway, thereby making it seem as if you had fulfilled your promise!

You can also use these accounts to boast about the allegedly received items, further bolstering your own legitimacy in the eyes of your new followers.

This is one of the best ways to grow Instagram accounts manually. You’ll get lots of organic exposure thus leading to a bigger fanbase.


2) Unique Content

Plenty a user will disagree on this one with me but through numerous trials and testing, I have unraveled that unique content goes a long way when your goal is actually keeping the users you have converted into followers.

Think about this way; If you copy content from other IG profiles, it will still be easily noticeable as most users tend to be faithful to a particular niche.

The same goes with other websites, such as Wikipedia. It is more than likely that your followers have already encountered that type of content before!

If you decide upon rewriting content, you would better have vast knowledge about the topic at hand as one small slip could reveal your hoax to everyone.


3) Shoutouts

Search out the authorities in your niche and analyze what they post, how they do it and when they do it.

Not only will implementing their strategies do good for your account but after having collected a portfolio of the biggest accounts in your niche, you will be able to filter out the ones with the biggest like to follower ratio.

After doing that, simply send them a professional message asking for a shoutout. Casually mention that you will not shy away from paying for one.

For those without any sort of monetary resources to expend, I suggest networking to accounts that are in the same branch as you.

This will create a sense of community and it will most likely benefit the both of you, as you will be sharing each other’s content and thereby attract attention from other users.

If you can incorporate shoutouts into your strategy, you are likely to grow Instagram accounts manually with success!

Why it is important to Grow Instagram Accounts Manually

To conclude, while the game has changed a lot with the introduction of the many heaps of newbies looking to ‘get rich and famous quickly’ by abusing Instagram, it is still very much possible to grow and thrive on the platform.

The important thing to remember is that it takes time, a lot of effort and consistency to be able to accomplish such a feat.

That is one of the bigger reasons why so many who start with the journey, never live to bring it to an end.

Will you be one of them? Or will you beat the odds and become the next Instagram sensation.

Whichever the case may be, you are bound to learn something new, meet a lot of new people and have the opportunity to connect with a seemingly endless stream of like-minded individuals.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start hustling! Go ahead and grow Instagram accounts manually!

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