YouTube used to be a medium for entertainment. Nowadays, it is being used by entrepreneurs as a medium for advertising their products and services. Many people are also building their careers around YouTube by creating and uploading quality and relevant videos. In so doing, they are able to earn a living while in the comforts of their homes. YouTubers get paid based on the number of views their videos earn. They can also increase their income through sponsored deals from companies, which they have collaborated with. If YouTubers are paid based on views, why is having more YouTube subscribers important then?

The Role of YouTube Subscribers

Your YouTube subscribers are like your fans. They contribute to the number of views your videos earn.

They are also important to boost your watch time.

Watch time refers to how long viewers watch your videos. This is one of the metrics used by YouTube in ranking videos.

Youtube subscribers crowd

The number of views your video gets is important. However, YouTube wants its content creators to focus more on improving their watch time.

Having a high watch time means good business for YouTube because this conveys that viewers have stayed in the site for a long time.

Logic will tell also you that the more subscribers you have, the better will be the number of views and watch time you will have.

The next question is, “How will you increase the number of your subscriptions?”.

Let’s say you have lots of friends and family members. Is their number enough to help you gain the number of views that will earn you money?

Putting up videos on YouTube for over 3 or 6 months, which have none to only a few number of views can be very frustrating especially to beginners. Jump-start your career by using sites like YTMonster and QQTube.

What is YTMonster?

YTMonster is a website where you can get free subscribers, views, likes, dislikes, and comments for your YouTube channels and videos.

You can also buy YouTube subscribers, reshares, favorites, views, likes, and dislikes on YTMonster. A thousand orders of each of this can cost you around $3 to $20.

A thousand subscribers can cost you at an amount not higher than $14.00.

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers Through YTMonster

Follow these simple steps, and start increasing your fan base.

  1. Sign up for a free account through their
  2. Activate and log in to your account.
  3. Link your YouTube account. You should be able to find the “Link” button in the “Settings” tab.
  4. Earn credits.

You can earn credits by:

  • Signing up. In so doing, you’ll get 100 credits.
  • Watching 50 videos on YouTube. Do this daily, and you’ll be rewarded with 500 credits.
  • Subscribing to other member’s YouTube channels.
  • Liking other member’s videos.
  • Commenting on other member’s videos.
  • Completing their promotions.
  • Taking part in the website’s contests.
  • Referring people. You’ll gain 15 credits per referral who successfully
  1. Promote your YouTube channel. Use your earned credits to get subscribers, likes, views, and comments for your own channels and videos.

One remarkable thing about using YTMonster is that the views come directly from your own browser and not from any software. This makes your views more authentic, which YouTube approves of.

Another website, which you can use to increase the number of your YouTube subscribers is QQTube.

Free youtube subscribers on YTMonster

What is QQTube?

QQTube is one of the leaders and cheapest online providers of YouTube services. You can avail of QQTube’s services to increase the number of your channel subscribers, views, likes, dislikes, and shares.

QQTube has around 150 or more partners worldwide. It has already served more than 20, 000 clients, delivered six hundred million US dollars’ worth of views, and processed more than 300, 000 ordered packages since its start in 2013.

QQTube also claims that views come from real people. This means that using this website will not keep you and your account in trouble.

How to get more YouTube subscribers through QQTube

Increase the number of your subscribers through QQTube’s affordable services. Follow these steps:

  1. Register through their website. This should not cost you anything.
  2. Activate your account.
  3. Click the “Add Orders” tab.
  4. Select the “Subscribers” button.
  5. Fill in the submission information boxes with your URL and the quantity of your order.
  6. Click the “Add Service” button to place your order.

1000 subscribers can cause you around $40.00. You can also buy the following services:

  • Views: $0.60/1000
  • Likes: $12.00/1000
  • Shares: $3.60/1000
  • Dislikes: $12.00/1000

QQTube also offers free credit. This is available only to new users.

You can get 1000 free views simply by doing these steps:

  • Verify your email.
  • Subscribe to their Newsletter.
  • Follow QQTube on Twitter.
  • Add your submission.

QQTube also has an affiliate program, which can earn you money. You will receive monetary reward for every person you refer to this site.

What’s great about QQTube is that it offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with no questions asked. You can have your money refunded if it has failed to deliver its services.

QQTube also has a 24/7 Customer Support to help you about your concerns.


With the increasing number of people uploading videos on YouTube, getting views for your videos can be difficult. Use websites like YTMonster and QQTube to increase your YouTube subscribers. This is a great way to increase your linkages and profit.

Some people claim that these websites are fraud though.

But, come to think of it. If these were scam, how come YTMonster and QQTube still exist and is being patronized by the people?

With their advanced security measures, there is no way Google and YouTube could not have detected these sites.

Both YTMonster and QQTube show promising results when it comes to increasing the number of YouTube subscribers.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you use YTMonster because you can avail of their services free of charge. But, if you’ve got funds you can avail of their affordable services.

QQTube is also an excellent choice since it offers a risk-free purchasing for its customers with its 100% full money back guarantee.

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