YouTube cannot be neglected when it comes to internet marketing. With more than one billion users and multiple billions of views daily, YouTube ranking plays a crucial piece in social media marketing. The platform is constantly growing, and it yields both traffic and sales in grand style. Ranking on YouTube is very beneficial for your business, whether you are looking to drive traffic to your landing page or growing a solid viewer base. In my time doing internet marketing, I have focused alot on this specific platform and in this YouTube Ranking 101 guide, I am going to share all of my knowledge with you.

Most important YouTube Ranking factors

YouTube Ranking Factors

YouTube’s search engine bases its results on various different ranking factors. There is a strong correlation between the following variables and the spot you get in the YouTube search.


One of the key elements needed in high rankings on YouTube is comments. YouTube’s algorithm prefers videos with lots of engagement. This includes but is not limited to comments. The site encourages all creators to create content that maximizes engagement, and comments are an obvious sign that engagement is present. It is no big secret that YouTube lies emphasis on engaging content, but it is still important to keep in mind when creating or marketing your content. Encourage your viewers to somehow comment or engage with the video. Give them some value whether it is an interesting discussion or support on a specific topic.

Video Length & View Retention

The latest years have shown a new trend in YouTube ranking. Previously, a view was a view and that was what counted. YouTube later introduced what is referred to as watch time. A concept that covers the amount of time a video is watched. Back in the day it was all about getting people to click on your video and earn their view, but today it is all about keeping them watching for as long as possible. For this very reason, the average YouTube video length has increased dramatically as this gives room for more watch time.

It is common that people bait with something completely drastic in the title that lures you to watch the video only to waiting 6-7 minutes before getting to the actual point. That’s the trick! Watch time right there. Instead of getting to the point right away, now that he has your attention, he keeps you waiting for that cliffhanger for as long as possible. He gets massive watch time thereby getting rewarded bigtime by the YouTube algorithm.
Did you know that the average video length of a first page video on YouTube is more than 14 minutes?

We focus on those videos that increase the amount of time that the viewer will spend watching videos on YouTube

Eric Meyerson, Youtube

In the following blog post from the YouTube creators blog, Eric Meyerson states that they are optimizing for how a video contributes to a longer watch session on YouTube. This means, that you cannot just upload a 2 minute video and count on it to rank because you buy views with a 2 minute retention rate for it. Quality content that keeps people watching for a longer period of time is a sure winner here.

Video Views

Even though I just gave a comprehensive sales speech about video length and view retention, the general view count is still important. According to credible studies, conducted by Backlinkp among others, there was a significant correlation between the view count and the final video ranking. This obviously means that it is always beneficial for YouTube ranking to boost video views. However, I, like YouTube themselves, recommend designing your content for longer watch time since that is further rewarded by the YouTube algo.

YouTube Subscribers & Subscribers Driven

Believe it or not, YouTube actually also takes your channel strength into account when placing your video. Although this does not play as big a role as the previously mentioned points, it is still highly beneficial for video rankings to have a good subscriber count. It gets really exciting when it comes to subscribers driven. This is when a viewer chooses to subscribe to you while watching one of your videos. This action is determined by YouTube as indication of high video quality. If a video brings organic subscriptions, then it must be of high quality. This is specifically rewarding when it comes to channel strength and video ranking.

Social Media Video Shares

In the era of social media it is impossible to neglect the impact they have on the YouTube ranking equation. There is a strong correlation between a video’s total shares on social media and its rankings. Social media brings lots of reach to various content, so obviously YouTube give priority to videos distributed elsewhere. As we are seeing it with SEO, these social signals are being granted more weight in the equation. Encourage your viewers to share your content on social media. Do not forget to share it on your own social media accounts either!

Social shares on Youtube

Re-shares only gain their value if they are generated on the video page. Therefore, you should not buy low quality services as they will yield no results.

How to Rank your YouTube Videos using Services

Buy Youtube Ranking

I highly recommend utilizing either paid or free services to gain yourself an edge over your competitors. This includes gaining high retention views, likes, comments and even video shares. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to do this, both at a cost and completely free. You are obviously going to get better and quicker results using a paid solution, but if you want to save yourself the money, you can go the free way.

Getting YouTube Services for free

Let us start with the free way. I normally invest money because I have a budget and it is far more efficient, but every guy has his preferences. I want to talk about a specific website for this. An all in one solution. There are obviously all of those social media exchange sites but most of them will get you terrible quality services. Whenever I want to get free YouTube views, I use YTMonster. I know the owner personally and the site is dedicated to YouTube specifically. He is a talented developer and everything on the site just works better than its competitors.

You earn credits by viewing, liking and subscribing others on YouTube. It acts pretty much like an exchange site, it is just dedicated to YouTube and with a focus on quality. You can specify a custom view duration as well as drip feeding your services. Drip feeding sets a limit to the daily amount of views or likes you receive. Using this, you can get yourself a continual stream of views, which is very useful. You can use the link below to get yourself a sign-up bonus on YTMonster.

Free Sign-Up Bonus Credits at YTMonster
Buying YouTube Services

Now, this is YouTube ranking at its best. You pay someone credible to do the work for you. And it is even cheap! Now, there are lots of services out there – some better than others. Rather than having you trying out multiple services with mixed quality, I have decided to list some of the very best options available. These are high quality services I use myself. They will yield great YouTube ranking in no time on some of the hardest keywords. The service providers mentioned in the list below are the best and cheapest I have utilized myself. From me to you. You can unlock it for free below.

Conclusion and Final Words

Now you should have learned some of the most important YouTube ranking factors. You are off to a good start on your YouTube journey. A crucial part of the game is watch time and your channel strength is also considered into the equation. Social media shares and general video equation is key to a first page ranking on YouTube as well. It is very beneficial to boost your videos with either free or paid services as listed above. This will give you a head start and help you gain that juicy #1 spot traffic on YouTube.

If you have any questions regarding this post please do let me know in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

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