So, I’ve been working with website development for years. I’ve started more projects than I can remember and tried more website hosing providers than I can possibly recall. You and I are probably not very different. Maybe you’re like me – Jumping around from webhost to webhost on various deals whenever there’s a discount. I never really settled for the best web hosting provider for my needs.

Previously, this was how I did it. I would pick a webhost once or twice a year, get the deal and then move on to the next deal once the period expired. Back then, I was under the impression that the best web hosting provider was the cheapest. My visitors probably didn’t agree with this at all…

Today I am quite regretful about this.


Simples – I never settled for one host. They were all were dirt cheap which is nice, but the price was reflected in the hosting quality. They all had their individual flaws that I’d constantly have to adapt to. Compromise after compromise. Some web hosts had slow and lousy support. Others had lots of downtime and poor loading speeds.

Stop Buying Dirt Cheap Webhosting

Earlier this year, I decided I’d had enough of these junk penny webhosts!

They’re unreliable, they’re inconsistent. These hosts (poorly) deliver only what’s promised – if you’re lucky – and nothing more. Oh, and on top of that, you’re website is gonna load real slow which hits you hard when it comes to website rankings and visitor retention.

So, I decided that I would find the best web hosting provider for my needs once and for all. I don’t mind paying the extra price if it’s reflected in the hosting quality. One webhost to manage all of my projects without having to move projects from host to host whenever I ran out of time on a deal.

First off to add some credibility to myself; which hosting providers have I tried previously?
– Namecheap, GoDaddy, HostGator, iPage, 1&1, FatCow, and probably multiple more that I cannot remember.

What did they all have in common? They were cheap… And they preformed badly compared to what I use now.

Picking the Right Web Hosting Plan for your Needs

Now, before we get more specific, I just wanna let you know that what is right for me might not be right for you. We all have our individual needs when it comes to web hosting and therefore we should choose a plan that matches our desires closely. With that said, there are some general things you should look out for.

SSD Hosting Beats HDD by a Mile!

One of the first things I’d recommend you looking for is SSD hosting. You’re gonna get much better performance and faster loading speeds with SSD web hosting. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you ditch out the old HDD hosting. You’ll love it and never look back.

How many Sites will you be Hosting?

This is also a very important question to ask yourself. For me personally, I need an unlimited domain plan. I have many running projects and I constantly launch new ones. Therefore, I need to be able to setup new domains with ease.

Obviously, an unlimited domain webhosting plan will be a little more pricy. If you plan on hosting a single website only, there’s probably some money to save here. That said, as many people buy 1 year of webhosting at once, you never know what can happen in that timeframe. Maybe all of a sudden you grow a passion for a new project and need hosting for it. It’d be a shame to have to buy another seperate hosting plan for this.

My Recommendations: The Best Web Hosting Providers in 2017

So I’d like to make two recommendations here. At the moment, I actually use both and they perform very equally.

The two hosting providers I’d like to present to you is A2Hosting & SiteGround.

Now, I could ramble for days about how good they are and all, but let’s just get straight down to the facts. Let’s look at some statistics and determine which are the best web hosting providers in 2017.

Average Web Hosting Provider Speed Comparison

This list shows the average page load speed in milliseconds of some of the most popular webhosts. I previous mentioned hosts such as FatCow, iPage and GoDaddy. As you can see, they’re beat by miles. The only real contender to A2Hosting & SiteGround is WPEngine, but their plans are much more expensive than those of my recommendations. Completely uncomparable.

Another important factor to look at is the customer satisfaction rate. Both hosts feature 24/7 live chat support which is really useful for getting questions answered quickly. The support has always been flawless from both hosts. They even message me afterwards to make sure my issue was solved and if there’s anything else they could assist with. They truly care for their customers and reputation. To me this is the foundation of a trusted webhost that you can stay with for life.

Pros of A2Hosting

  • The #1 fastest loading web host on the market (according to multiple authoritative sources e.g. HostingFacts).
  • Turbo Server – Up to X20 faster loading speeds
  • A2 Optimized Site Accelerator & Security

On top of that, they offer you completely free site migration with all plans! Setup couldn’t be easier! A2Hosting for sure is the best web hosting provider when it comes to page loading speeds.

You can try them out at an all-time low rate below.

Get 51% Off all A2Hosting Plans here!

Pros of SiteGround

  • Extremely fast loading speeds – ranked as 2nd fastest web host.
  • Uptime almost 100% – highest on the market
  • Best host for WordPress Sites

What makes SiteGround #1 for WordPress Website Hosting? Let me explain…

All plans comes with what is called Managed WordPress Hosting. Essentially this means somesone at the other end makes sure your site is running as effectively as possible. This goes for support, speed, security and more. The hosting is built on SSD and comes bundled with a powerful caching tool that largely cuts down page loading times. They take care of plugin updates and daily backups completely free. This ensures that your installation is always completely safe in terms of vulnerabilities and so on.

This is my recommendation for WordPress hosting. You can get going with SiteGround at the cheapest rate below!

Get 70% Off all SiteGround Plans here!


Whether you choose either of the hosts is up to you. I speak solely from my own perspective. I’ve learnt my lesson with the one-penny web hosts and settled for two solutions that I love.

I recommend you doing the same. Make up your mind and settle for one host or two that you will dedicate all of your projects to. With my recommendations you can expect nothing but the best. Absolute top notch hosting quality with very responsive and friendly support.

In my opinion, A2Hosting & SiteGround are the two best web hosts because they care. This sets them apart from a lot of the competition. On top of that, the entire experience with them is really smooth. Exceptional page loading speeds and rock-solid security. Nothing but the best!

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