Facebook is often described as the grand-daddy of all social media websites. It was the first of its kind to reach such immense success and today it sits on a fair share of the social media market. Back in the day, Facebook reach worked entirely different than it does now. A Facebook page used to have 100% organic reach in the past, whereas today you will only reach a fraction of your actual fans – unless you pay Facebook to reach your entire fanbase. Facebook page likes can also be purchased directly through Facebook’s advertiser panel but this can be a very expensive affair. So is there a way we can turn get niche targeted Facebook likes without emptying our pockets into the drain within days? Yes, there is, and I am going to show you exactly how you can do this throughout this post!

Advantages over Paying for Page Likes

So, let us get started right away on how to get more Facebook likes using traffic from our website! Specifically, we will be turning these website visitors into Facebook page likes on our desired page. Using this method, you can expect anywhere from 2%-8% of your visitors turning into page likes. So follow along as I teach you the simple magic steps!

The method we will be using is referred to as ‘Like Jacking’. Essentially this means that we will hide a secret JavaScript code within our website that automatically makes your visitors like your Facebook page whenever they click anywhere on your page. All this happens without them knowing.

FBLikeJacker.in offers the amazing technology we will be utilizing.

Facebook Like Jacker

The website is simple – Sign up and add some funds to pay for the likes. The current CPL (Cost Per Like) is at a mere $0.0009 which means you will only pay $0.9 for each 1.000 likes this script generates for you. You cannot even buy fake page likes at that price! Using the advertising system on Facebook itself, you would probably not get more than 3 or 4 likes at that price either. So as you can see, we have a sure winner here in terms of pricing and generating real and niche targeted Facebook page likes.

Adding a Website

Adding new websites is a really simple process.

Adding a Website to Facebook Like Jacker

On the dashboard, click on the ‘Add new website button’ and continue by entering your desired domain. Once you have added your new domain, it will show up on the dashboard like shown on the image below.

FBLikeJacker.in Dashboard

On this page, we will be able to customize a lot of cool things for our website.

Like Jacking Options

The one we are specifically interested in is the ‘FB STEALTH’ – using this method of like jacking. On desktop devices the like jacker will be loaded on all clickable elements of your website. Once an end user clicks on an element he automatically likes your Facebook page as well. On mobile devices the jacking will happen whenever the user taps with a finger on the screen area. Simple, smart and effective. As for page safety, this method is very safe to use, especially if you are not doing millions of likes a month.

Customizing the Like Jacker and Targeting specific Countries

Before actually implementing the like jacker into our website, let us customize the settings for our optimal use. Click on ‘Setup’ next to FB Stealth.

Customize like jacker settings

As you can see, we have lots of options on this page. To get the most out of the like jacker, you should customize it for your specific use.

Now, in order to run this, we need to create a Facebook app to use the app ID. This is needed for the end users to be jacked. Follow the guide in this link to get your own free Facebook App ID.

Now, I will skip across some of the settings as they are not very important or self-explanatory.

Perfecting the Page Like Jacker settings

If you want to block/allow certain types of traffic, you need to customize the ‘Referrer Check’-area. If you only want likes from a specific referrer (e.g. youtube.com), you will have to enter the domain here. Also, if you want to block a specific domain (e.g. search engine traffic from google.com) the process is the same. Direct traffic can be blocked as well. You can also block specific IP adresses if you feel the need for that. As an example, that could be your own so you do not end up like jacking yourself. The jacker inject delay lets you customize the time that passes before the like jacker becomes active. Say you set it to 30 seconds. After a user loads the page, the like jacking process will not be enabled before 30 seconds after page launch.

You can add one or more pages to your like jacking URL list and set a maximum of daily likes you want to receive for it. If you want redirect jacked users to a specific page (which I do not recommend as we do not want them to immediately discover that they have been jacked) you can also set a redirect URL. Hijack ratio is a powerful customization option we have. It can be set to anywhere from 1 to 100 and indicates the percentage of hijackings you want. If set at 100, all visitors will be like jacked. At 50, only half will be hijacked. If you want only specific elements to be injected with the jacker, you can also enter Classes or ID’s in the following field.

Country Targeting your Page Likes

Say we do not want likes from specific countries or certain countries only. This option is also available! This is one of my favourite features as it gives us the option to generate highly country targeted Facebook pages. It is a good way to sort out all of the junk traffic. If you, for some reason, want to disable it for mobile, you can to that as well.

After saving changes, you want to make sure to enable the like jacker or else it will not work.

Enable like jacking

Adding the Like Jacker to your Website

The last thing we have to do before our like jacking tool has taken effect is to add it to your website.

Add Jacker to Website

As you can see, we have two different options. If you are using WordPress, you can simply click ‘Download WordPress Plugin’ and upload the plugin .zip-file to your WordPress site as described in this article.

If, however, you have a plain website with HTML, you should click the ‘Get Javascript Code’ instead.

Add like jacker to website

I prefer just using option 1 as it is the simplest and does not require you to download any files and so on. Copy the Javascript shown in the first box and paste it into your website after the <body> tag. Upload the file to your server and get ready for the magic to happen!

My Results & Conclusion

I have personally used this Facebook Page like jacker for a long time and that is the only reason I would recommend it. Everything I recommend here on the website is something I have found effective and used myself. Something I know works. I have used FBLikeJacker on 3 of my websites with great results.

Like Jacker Statistics

These are my stats for the past week. The website has been viewed a total of 21656 times whereas about 20% of those were logged into Facebook. These are the potential hijacking targets. Now, some might not have clicked, some might have failed. The final result has been 617 real human Facebook page likes directly to my Facebook pages. Great growth for a week if you ask me. Even better is the fact that I have only paid 617 * $0.0009 = $0.55 in total for those likes! What an absolute steal! Talk about getting cheap potential customers.

Using this tool for a few months I have generated over 2.000 likes across three different Facebook pages. The interaction is much better than fake likes and the price is nowhere near what I would pay through Facebook Ads.

So as a conclusion, would I recommend people wanting to get more Facebook Page likes from their website traffic to use this? Yes! It beats Facebook Ads in almost every single way. You might not be able to target age, but if your website traffic is already niche targeted you are well set. You can block bad converting countries such as India and Phillipines and be left with high quality Tier A countries such as USA, Great Britain, France, Netherlands and Germany.

Have a question related to this post? Feel free to contact me or post a message below.

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